In Development

Iceberg - a Gradebook

Your gradebook is something you use several times a day as a teacher. It contains the core of the data that you use to do your job. It has all of your students' grades, it is your canonical record if you are questioned or challenged, it offers you at-a-glance clues about what's too difficult for your students and what has been too easy. Some of the newer gradebooks also include standards-based integration, and you can tag assignments to specific standards and keep track of your progress there.

Student Information System

Far North's current project ambitions include a new, state-of-the-art Student Information System that's easy to use, responsive, resource-conserving, and generally an improvement on what the market has to offer today. Current SIS suites have a tendency to be lumbering beasts with dozens of nested menus and hidden functions that only experience or experimentation can find. Far North's SIS, by contrast, will be intuitive, and will keep all of a teacher's usual tools right at the forefront.