Here's a quality infographic from dataqualitycampaign.org. This is exactly what Far North is trying to build, but right now, even step one can be impossibly difficult in existing school district data structures. My first year teaching, I had no access at all to actual achivement data. I had check marks next to accomplished standards. What I needed in that environment was an informed, annotated, multi-dimensional, skill-based grade record rather than "done" or "not done." I wasted months trying to figure all of that out myself.

Take a look at the infographic. Imagine teaching with tools that actually make it possible!

Are you looking for an alternative to an Apple-dominated school environment? Since Apple doesn't work for everyone (especially with regard to cost), maybe start looking for alternatives like this one. There are a plethora of tools that will work on the many different android tablets available on the market now.


ClassDojo is a tool that allows teachers to send immediate electronic feedback to their students. What do you think about it?

Take a look at it here: http://www.classdojo.com/about

A great conversation is happening across the pond regarding low-level behavior problem management in class. Have a look:

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Many teachers use a warm up activity of some kind to get class started. Some of them are very clever and well thought out.

So, our first question of the day - what is your best warm up today? Being that we're Far North, we'd like to see something technology related, but if not, it's alright! We're asking on Twitter and Facebook as well. Invite your teaching friends to favorite and follow us, we'll have new questions and content constantly.

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There are way too many interesting things about education and technology to write full articles every thirty seconds, so this is the premiere of the Far North microblog. It's not quite as small as a twitter post, but it's still nice and concise. Let us know if you have something you want covered here!

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