Student Information System

Far North's current project ambitions include a new, state-of-the-art Student Information System that's easy to use, responsive, resource-conserving, and generally an improvement on what the market has to offer today. Current SIS suites have a tendency to be lumbering beasts with dozens of nested menus and hidden functions that only experience or experimentation can find. Far North's SIS, by contrast, will be intuitive, and will keep all of a teacher's usual tools right at the forefront.

Integration between our SIS and our Grade book (currently named Iceberg) will be seamless. Instead of having to switch from grade view to get parent contact information, you will be able to access it from within the gradebook. Normally, you would then have to open up your mail application and send an email. Within Iceberg, you will have contact options that alert parents to their student's status.

Other functions that are often separated from your SIS and your online gradebook will also be included. Check back often for updates on our development status.

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