Resources & Presentations

Here you'll find a few items that I have created for my classes in the past. I've uploaded a few impress.js presentations (similar to Prezi, but more powerful, more customizable, and custom programmed every time) that other teachers are welcome to use in their classes. These are all released under the following licenses:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You're welcome to download the files and modify them to your heart's content. I've used the impress.js platform, so it's best if you know what you're doing with CSS & HTML. Note that I built these without the intention to release them, so code will be sloppy and inefficient all over the place. It all works really well when served from a thumb drive, and that's what they were designed to do.

I've included attribution on the CC license; I don't expect you to tell your students that I made this (they don't care!), I just would like it if you included the source (and/or my name) if you share them on your own website/social media/whatever.

I've tried to use official, copyright-unencumbered, CC-licensed (where I can confirm it) graphics, &c., for these educational presentations.  I'm not releasing these with any intent for profit or exchange, just to share. If you own the rights to an included image somehow, consider letting teachers use it for free (we're pretty harmless). If you can't, let me know through the contact form.

They're designed to be used with background knowledge; not all of the images have captions, and not all of the details I include in a lecture are built into the slides. Nor should they be.

Anyway, here are the free presentations! Feel free to contact me with questions/comments using the contact page (link above). Also, if you have requests, let me know. I get a kick out of building these. Presenting them is about a thousand times more fun, though.

George Washington & John Adams: The First Election Presentation

Washington & Adams Election Presentation

This one was designed for 8th graders, and it covers the basics of the first successful presidential election in the United States.

Dark Side of the 1920s Presentation

1920s Presentation Screenshot

I built this for an AP US History (APUSH) class that had extra time during their 1920s unit, and they voted on this. It talks about Corruption, Crime, Racism/Xenophobia, and Communism in the 1920s.

Communism Presentation

Communism Presentation

I made this for a sophomore honors level English class that needed a primer on Communism. It covers the basics and offers a beard score for each of communism's early, important figures.

Vietnam War Presentation

Vietnam Presentation

This is aimed at a junior level US History class. It covers both the reasons for the war and the subsequent costs. Note that none of my presentations advances any particular viewpoint, but does cover the major ones that existed at the time.