Nathan Erfurth

Founder, CEO
Nathan Erfurth

I am a professional educator with certifications in Social Studies, and experience in Special Education/Integrated Services environments.

I am an adventure-haver. I decide that I want to do something, and I go all in. After teaching in the public sector and literally placing my computer in the garbage bin because of my frustration, I'm starting a research-based enterprise for superior education technology. Don't worry, I took the computer back out.

My basic guiding philosophy:

  • Education is for everyone, regardless of demographic classifications.
  • Education is any society's most valuable asset.
  • Technology should be our ally, not our on-again-off-again assistant.
  • Good tools and ideas are based on research and evidence.
  • Anything is possible if we set our minds to it.

I am looking for visionary educators and technology experts to join me in my quest. I have some incredible long-term plans for Far North, and I'm going to need a world class team to accomplish them.