Join the Team

Far North is building a team of founders to bring the vision of phenomenal education technology to reality. Take a look through our philosophy and about us pages to see if you think you would be a good fit to join Far North in its startup phase.

Equity in Far North

Far North is going to be big. We are a startup with international ambitions and possibilities. Our products are designed by and for our customers - how much more marketable does it get than that? Founding directors will earn vested equity in the company.

Qualities Needed

We are looking for people with the following qualities:

  • Dedication. Far North is not a project or a side job - Far North is a serious commitment. There is a lot to do if we are going to turn educational technology around together.
  • Passion. If you don't particularly care about education, about educational technology, or about making the two actually go together, do not apply.
  • Pride. Far North will not be putting out inferior or half-baked products. We will, as our mission, only produce the highest quality software, publications, and resources for educators of every kind. You must take pride in what you do, and only accept your best.
  • Problem sovling skills. Far North will be faced by dozens upon dozens of problems. That's the nature of education multiplied by the nature of a startup business. All of those problems are surmountable. It's up to us to solve them.
  • Outside the box thinking. We are not going to solve the problems in education or educational technology by thinking the same way we always have. It's time for some new ideas, and more importantly, it's time to execute those new ideas.
  • Efficiency. There is no time to waste time. Far North is about getting work done to the highest degree of quality possible in the most reasonable amount of time possible. If you are not efficient with your time or your methodology, expect to be cut.
  • Efficacy. There is no room for wishy-washy-ness in Far North. We need people with conviction and the drive to get it done. Let's do some work together.

Qualifications Needed

  • Experience. Far North is a startup, but its founders need to have relevant field experience. This is not going to be a little project - it's going to be a serious undertaking.
  • Education. You must have the relevant educational background and qualifications for the position you're joining up for. If you have a degree in a related field, you're good to go.
  • Location. This one's a bit more flexible, but ultimately, you need to be located within driving distance of Anchorage, Alaska. That's right, Alaska. You did notice we're called Far North, right?

Positions Available

In this founding stage of a startup, it's crucial that quality personnel fill all positions. If you are particularly strongly attracted to our mission and our ambitions, and you are suited to lead, the following director positions are unfilled:

  • Chief Financial Officer - oversees accounting and the raising of new capital
  • Chief Marketing Officer - oversees the sales and marketing efforts for Far North's products
  • Chief Information Officer - oversees Far North's internal infrastructure
  • Chief Technical Officer - oversees the development of Far North's technology products

If you do not have the requisite experience and qualifications for a directorship, we have many other staffing needs as well.

  • Programming Team - we need skilled programmers with a passion for clean, reliable, scalable code. We require programmers with skills in PHP, MySQL, and other web technologies.
  • Sales and Marketing Team - once the products begin coming "off the shelf," we will need people to start getting them out into the world. Become a member of our sales and marketing team to make that happen.