Images & Paintings

It is important to credit the sources of our images, in particular paintings of Northwest Passage crossings. These images are all in the public domain due to their age. Most of them were created in the late 1800s, part of an international outpouring of realistic and slightly moody naval painting. They're beautiful work, and they often capture not only the scale of what Far North is trying to accomplish, but also the beauty and the challenge.

As we've written in a few other places, we'd prefer that our visitors didn't read too far into the wrecked ships. Take it as representation of the reality that some projects, no matter how well intentioned, provisioned, or prepared, can fail.

Without further ado, these are our sources:

  1. Toronto Public Library Special Collections on Flickr - a quality collection of many different types of historical imagery, much of which (if not all) is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license
  2. Wikipedia - many paintings can be found alongside articles about the ships and journeys themselves