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Technology changes every day, and every year your needs are that much different. Computer Lab of the Future by quatro.sinko on Flickr

We can help you design a top of the line, bleeding edge technology plan for your district. We can also suggest and design technology solutions for schools and districts on a budget that will get the job done within your parameters. Already have technology solutions in place, as most schools do? We can help you optimize them and replace outdated or obsolete software and hardware.

Our guiding philosophy is simple: schools need top-of-the-line technology that they can afford. They should not be subject to corporate whims, predatory contracts, and sub-par software or hardware simply because that's what is available. We can help you find and implement technology solutions that sales representatives from big vendors haven't heard of, or don't want you to hear about.

  • Did you know that you don't actually need to pay to use office software or operating systems? Imagine getting rid of those licensing fees. Free and open source solutions are available for schools, but they are severely underutilized.
  • Did you know about the interconnectedness that your school could be enjoying? Consider upgrading from the computer lab model, if it works for your school.
  • Have you considered outsourcing email & file management for your student body? There are dozens of solutions for this, it's just a matter of figuring out which is best for you.
  • What about replacing that ancient library software with something that's upgradeable and modern?
  • Would you like an independent opinion on the hardware/software contracts you're considering?

Of course, not all paths are going to work for all institutions, just as FOSS is not going to be viable for all schools or districts. We just want you to know what's out there and how to get it at a fair price. Being educators ourselves, we can not only listen to your needs, but help you identify new avenues.

Menu of Consulting Services:

  • Staff & Student Body Technology Survey

    • specific to your institution
    • poll your population about technnology frustrations, bottlenecks, and ideas
    • determine where the tech you're using is working and where it isn't
    • Far North analyzes, synthesizes, and reports back the data (we can also provide raw data for your perusal and usage)
    • Far North makes suggestions based on your current technology plan and the feedback from your population
  • In-Person Technology Review

    • Far North travels to your school to inspect and test your technology
    • we work with your technology department and staff to determine the exact architecture your network uses and where problems exist
    • Staff & Student Body Technology Survey included
    • interviews with teachers, administrators, students, and anyone else using your systems
    • in-person presentation and report to your administration (and anyone else who is interested)
    • written report on possibilities, paths for future development, and budgets

Contact us and get the process started today - we would love to discuss your technology needs. We will make contact within 24 hours.

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