Far North Education Research Inc. is several things smashed into one flexible, powerful, and growing company.

  • Educational Technology Developer – Far North seeks to build the best educational software you've ever seen, and get it into the hands of districts, schools, homeschoolers, and universities. We want to free educators from having to fight incompatible, archaic, locked-down, and fragmented software. Instead of spending all day clicking through dozens of menus, screens, and options, we want to put educators' most used tools right in front of them in an easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • Educational Research – What we do is research based. Our tools won't be based on some database designer's idea of the ideal interface. They are based on actual use cases, and are customizable. Let's be honest; a special education teacher, a physical education teacher, a core subject teacher, and a vocational teacher are all going to need slightly different tools at the ready at all times. Not to mention the fact that customizable gradebooks and student information systems are long overdue. To this end, we put surveys out to the educational community on a semi-regular basis to poll the real users of the software. We are always looking for something else to improve upon.
  • Educational Journal – The Far North Journal is a place where the entire education community, students and parents included, can come together to share ideas about how our education system should be working. Everything from great projects assigned by great teachers to academic papers published by distinguished professors in our field will be published quarterly.
  • Technology Consulting – Far North aims to not only save education from the war of attrition waged by bad software, but that waged by corporations trying to make a quick buck off of government funded schools. We all have budgets that we need to stick to, and these days educators can generally expect theirs to be smaller next term. Therefore, why don't we do away with massive licensing plans and find some real solutions enabled by technology? Have you considered open source software? What about alternate vendors? How about a completely different device model entirely? The technology world has moved past the dichotomy between the two major software and hardware providers, and it's time education took advantage of that.(These services are forthcoming.)

Far North will grow to be a major point of focus in the educational community as it expands and takes on new issues.

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