Are You Sure Apple is Right for Your School?

From Apple's updated iPad store.

Apple seems to be the go-to solution for schools looking to start 1:1 programs (wherein each student is assigned a device). There is no question that some schools have had serious success with the iSchool Campus program, and other programs like it.

In light of Apple's price announcements, and in light of LA's trouble with iPads and pricing, are you sure that iPads and Apple solutions are really right for your school?

The earlier cost estimate for each iPad "preceded the actual procurement process," the district said Monday in response to questions from The Times. "The negotiated discount [i.e. $678] does not go into effect until the district has reached the $400-million spending threshold."

You have to spend $400 million before getting a relatively small discount? You have to wonder where it's going to stop. If prices keep going up (or worse, if they aren't willing to discount their products to a reasonable level for educational purposes), do you want your school to be trapped?

Apple products, though they tend to be robust and well designed, are an expensive choice for any school district, but especially when it comes to districts of larger size. Take a look at the prices for their new product, the iPad Air. It starts at $499. It's cool, but is it really worth that much when there are so many other tablet solutions that will fit your school better?

Districts have a tendency to look to Apple, but we want to remind you that there is no one tablet or mobile device solution that will fit every school. Apple's series of iPads are no exception to that.

There are other products out there, and Far North wants to help you find them. If you're already stuck with Apple and you want to change that, there are options. If you are halfway there, maybe consider stopping now and looking around a bit. If you're looking to get started, drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Image: screenshot from Apple's updated iPad store.