I'm reworking the intent of Far North Education to better reflect my limited capabilities as a working teacher that aims to change the world of assessment. The Iceberg grading system is currently under construction, but I will be testing it in my own classroom this coming school year before releasing anything to the rest of the world.

From Apple's updated iPad store.

Apple seems to be the go-to solution for schools looking to start 1:1 programs (wherein each student is assigned a device). There is no question that some schools have had serious success with the iSchool Campus program, and other programs like it.

In light of Apple's price announcements, and in light of LA's trouble with iPads and pricing, are you sure that iPads and Apple solutions are really right for your school?

Photo "Parent/Teacher conferences" by Matt McGee on Flickr

Parents come to parent/teacher conferences to ask why. Why is my student achieving at this level? Why did you give my student extra time on these assignments? Why did you not do more for my student? These questions can be hard to answer.

Report Cards from the late 1800s

This article from discusses the fact that the current grading system we have now in most schools - A, B, C, D, F - discourages curiosity and exploration by punishing failure. Why branch out if you're going to get a 'D' on an assignment? Why work harder than needed to achieve an 'A', especially when your peers are achieving at levels far below you?

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